Changing the future

Well, it’s been a while since i post in here.

Jadi teringat kata2 Prof gw kemarin, waktu dinner bareng sama anak intern. Ketika ada yang menanyakan apa yang akan gw lakukan ketika lulus dan apa yang dilakukan oleh rata2 orang indonesia ketika lulus dari perguruan tinggi di luar negeri, ketika gw menjawab

“Many people think that its too hard to get a job in Indonesia when you are a PhD.”

Saat itu Prof gw langsung memotong,

“No, don’t say like that.”

Kemudian dia melanjutkan,

“You know, I spent over than 16 years in USA. There was a time when I decided to go back to Korea. you know, Korea was so poor at that time, suffering from the Korean War. But I did believe, one day, Korea will have such a university like my university in there”

“Being someone who has a high degree title is a opportunity to create your own job and also to create other job.When i came back to Korea, there is no Postech. Even I saw people dug around this campus area to build it. Many of my colleagues thought I was crazy because I came back to poor Korea instead of having a life in the states “

“So now I’m telling you, we invest to you. This institute invest many things to students. See? You are paid to study here. You don’t have to pay anything, not a penny. That is the reason, because we trust you! We do believe one day you can stand somewhere and people recognize you as an expert in that area”

“So I always say to my foreign students, to study hard and after finishing this program, you can go back and build your country. That’s why we accept you here, because we do believe that you are the the people who can change your country and your society”


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