Today I visited this palace. This palace is located near Seoul City Hall. So I want to share it in case some of you want to visit this palace…

This palace was originally built as a residence for prince Wolsan, the elder brother of King Seongjong. Unfortunately, this palace was destroyed by fire during Japanese invasion. This palace was renamed Deosukgung (before : Gyeongungung) by the Emperor Sunjong in 1907. —> I read it from the ticket =)

transportation : city hall station line 1 –> exit 2 or city hall station line 2 –> exit 12

I prefer the second one, because it is located right in front of the palace. BTW, this place is closed on Mondays.

hours : 09.00-21.00

admission : 1000 won

although there is a free guided tour, but at this time I just want to walk alone, so if you don’t want to take the tour it’s OK also, but it is better to take the guide book ( pink colored) to know the story of this palace. in this palace you can also find the western-style building, but one of them is still under construction (Seokjojeon building). I will conclude some pics from my camera ( I haven’t edited it yet)

Jungwhamun – inside the palace complex

MOCA, Deosukgung

Daehanmun gate


if you want to go directly to the Gwanghamun Square, after exit from the palace, just go to the left and make your way until you find the Gwanghamun Square ( the landmark with Admiral Yin and King Sejong Statues), it is better to walk than  take the subway, because you have to transit (if you take the subway), City hall line 1 and 2 but Gwanghamun line 5.


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