Jongmyo Shrine


actually, now I already arrived in Indonesia and I don’t have time to write about my trip in Seoul, 2 weeks ago (before I left Korea for good), so in this post, I will try to help you to visit Jongmyo Shrine virtually =)

This Palace is located near the Jongno 3-ga subway station ( read : Jongno sam-ga)

after you arrive at this station, just follow the exit information, it will be written in 2 languages (english and korean) so you don’t have to worry

EXIT: – line 1 exit 11

– line 3 and 5, exit 8

* because this station is a transfer station for 3 lines

after you go up to the street side, just go into you right and you can see the big thick wall on the end of that road. that is the Shrine wall, just go there and turn right again and you will find a garden ( in my case, full of old Korean man =) ). the Shrine is just side by side with the garden. After that you can find the Shrine main gate.

OK, after I arrived there, I just realized that we have to follow the guided tour to enter this Shrine. Fortunately, I arrived just 30′ before the English tour. FYI,  I will inform the timetable of the tour.

Korean : 09.20, 10.20 — and every one hour until 16.20

Japanese : 09.00, 09.40. 10.40 —- and every one hour until 15.40

English : 10.00, 12.00, 14.00, 16.00

Chinese : 11.00, 15.00

If you don’t want the guided tour, you can visit this Shrine on Saturdays. Anyway, I recommend you to follow the guided tour because it was fun and well informed

BTW, The ticket is only 1000 krw and 500 for children

What is Jongmyo Shrine?

this Shrine is the supreme state shrine where the ancestral tables of deceased kings and queens are enshrined and sacrificial rite are performed for them. Jongmyo was established in the capital as that was where he royal family performed sacrificial rite. The location, form and layout of this Shrine adhere to principles devised specifically for Shrines.

* I copied form the guide book—> you can take it in the main gate


* you can’t walk through the grey zone, because it is believed, that is a way for spirit

OK, it seems that I have to re-size some of my pics in my memory card, but I promise you, I will be back soon with more pics!


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